Terry Vince
At age 36, Terry Vince joined the Eaton Cutler-Hammer team in 2004 and brought with him 14 years of engine building experience. Terry specialized in normally aspirated engines for many forms of racing and his motors have many wins throughout the DIRT racing world. Terry and Carl together have combined their years of knowledge to create a motor program that has proven to be a winning combination. At the track you will see Terry working on the engine between rounds and together with Carl, deciding on the next set up for the track conditions.

Bob Sackrider
Bob hails from Ayr, Ontario and has been in charge of transportation for the past 4 years. Bob drives the truck and maintains the truck, trailer and car’s cosmetics. You will see Bob all over the pits as he is a welcome fixture with many teams. We would like to think that he is our team’s race pit PR man. Bob also owns a 67 Chevelle race car and still loves to compete on weekends that the Eaton team is not racing. Carl and Bob are also involved in other business together and Bob has become part of the family so to speak. P.S. if you would like to have Bob visit your pit, you will have to use ice cream for the bait.

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